The first edition of ‘Earth through the Eyes of Heavens’ conference

The necessity of call for the Universal Declaration of Human Duties and Responsibilities

Soroush Molana / following approval of the research project “Earth through the Eyes of Heavens “, it was launched during a meeting on Wednesday April 22, 2015 coincided with the “Clean Earth Day”. Present at the event were artists, cultural policy makers, media as well as academics.

Following Dr. Iraj Shahbazi’s (moderator of the meeting) introductory remarks, Dr. Mohammad Ali Movahed and Dr. Mustafa Malekian delivered lectures respectively on the necessity, purpose and aspects of the project. Considering the fact that human suffering is mostly due to a lack of sense of responsibility, Dr. Movahed declared the necessity of devising the Universal Declaration of Human Duties and Responsibilities along with the Declaration of Human Rights.  He further noted that if call for the declaration is seriously considered, this program can be pursued both nationally and internationally. Claiming that there is no solution to alleviate pain and sufferings of human being but to turn to two components, i.e. rationality and spirituality, Mustafa Malekian elaborated that the solution to the vast majority of human sufferings, pains, difficulties, adversities, hardship and impasses is paying attention to inner spirituality. Malekian further indicated seven points to describe the role of spirituality in solving today’s problems. At the end of the meeting, held in the spring weather in Saad Abad Palace, culture and arts enthusiasts found an opportunity to interact with each other.


The second edition of ‘Earth through the Eyes of Heavens’ conference

Return to the Inner Side


Soroush Movlana / The second edition of ‘Earth through the Eyes of Heavens’ conference , indeed, a prelude to the main features of the project, was held on April 23, 2017. At the meeting, chaired by Mr. Iraj Rezai, as the last session, two renowned scholars of mysticism, jurisprudence and moral philosophy suggested some meditative solutions in response to the problems the human community is increasingly encounter with. . Mohammad Ali Movahed declared that the historical ineffectiveness of the arguments presented by philosophers and scholars over the centuries has been due to rationalism. He stressed that excessive emphasis on the right rather than duty along with abstract arguments has become problematic, especially in the new era. While accentuating previous arguments basing on preference for culture, Mostafa Malekian, also argued that reform of society in the manner emphasized by intellectuals and social reformers is almost ineffective, he further stressed on return to the inner side.  It should be noted that preparations for the book “Earth through the Eyes of Heavens”, a collection of lectures by Master Malekian, have been made in sessions prior to this meeting, now ready to be published