Earth through the Eyes of Heavens

The spiritual solution to the humanitarian crisis
  1. The most enduring, universalized part of our (Persian) cultural heritage is mysticism. When we compare Persian mysticism with philosophy, theology, jurisprudence, morality and other parts of our culture, we truly find it as the most enduring, universalized part. Introduction of this part of the culture to the global village will institutionalize Persian mysticism in the future culture of the globe.
  2. Rumi is the most prominent representative of Islamic mysticism. Both for relying on practice rather than theory, and pleasantness of his message. So it would be great to actively attempt to present Rumi’s character.
  3. The world is in a very delicate situation, and the greatest contribution to this world is taking steps toward establishing peace and tranquility. The greatest peace promoter who can represent the peaceful Islam around the world is Rumi. Therefore, Introducing Rumi is contribution to world peace and tranquility, indeed.
  4. Today, our society needs morality more than anything else and among ethical, philosophical, narrational, expedient-based and mystical systems of thought, mysticism, mystical ethics are more attractive and profound, and therefore we are serious about spreading and promoting mystical ethics among our people.
  5. One of our society’s problems is separation from its cultural tradition and heritage. That is, being unacquainted with figures such as Ferdowsi, Nezami, Rumi, Saadi, Hafez, Khayyam and so on. Recognizing Rumi is, in fact, reconciling our present and future generations with our culture. Because this culture is not lacking positive points and strengths and it is a pity if the foreigners discover this point. It would be great to discover it by ourselves.
  6. While taking note of the fact that the more a human being understands his/her commonalities with the other human beings, the more sympathetic he/she will be to those human beings and cooperation between humans occurs when they realize that they share a common destiny; we try to reach this common understanding so that we will be sympathetic to each other. Accordingly, and considering the above-mentioned goals, we intend to carry on a practical project titled ‘Earth through the Eyes of Heavens’, in partnership with influential people in changing attitude and behavior of today’s human. The project would be in the following manner: