Establishment and Updating the Specialized Library of Religious Studies and Islamic Mysticism

One of the projects being pursued by Soroush Molana since its inception to date is the completion and updating of its specialized library of Religious Studies and Islamic Mysticism. Based on this approach, about 2200 books have been collected on these topics thus far. Part of these books are references, such as encyclopedias and glossaries. Some other volumes are interpretations of Masnavi, Ghazaliat Shams, Ghazalat Hafez and other literary and mystical books. In the Islamic philosophy and theological discourse section, we have tried to compile all of the old authentic books and while we have an eye to book market to add newly published books as well. Other parts of Soroush Molana’s specialized library include the myth, history of religions, oriental religions, western philosophy, literary criticism, and gender studies. On the other hand, to update the library, we are collecting E-books (most of which are in English, Arabic and French) for the establishment of an electronic library.