Rumi’s Moral Theory Plan

Let’s ask Rumi:
What is the good life?

‘Rumi’s Moral Theory’ is the title of a long-term research project dealing with Molana’s moral notions and comparing it with the thoughts and approaches of approximately seventy philosophers, intellectuals, and moral sages. The project is being carried out in cooperation with This project is being carried out by the Research Group of Soroush Molana Institute in collaboration with a large number of prominent Iranian scholars and researchers under the supervision of Mostafa Malekian. In order to publish the proceedings of Molana studies and also promote a deeper understanding of moral thinking across the country’s public audience, the scholarly achievements are presented at annual conferences with the same title, hopefully to be continued to the end in this manner.
In fact, Rumi’s Moral Theory is a reexamination and reinterpretation of the Moalana’s moral legacy. Reviewing the cultural tradition of every society and country is a necessity. By doing so, the long-lasting and short-lasting components of that culture will be categorized. In this way, it turns out which part of that tradition is still applicable in our time, and which part is outdated. Introducing questions of our time to the texts from the past and asking novel questions from the ancient thinkers will rebuild culture and create a platform for dialogue and interaction with the world. Conducting this project is helpful to today’s human as well to know what Rumi’s message is for him, understanding that may improve his life, even to the least extent. Realizing that, is adopting a wise and pragmatic approach to Rumi’s thinking.
Indeed, rather than merely writing an essay, book or treatise by utilizing our knowledge of Rumi or pride ourselves on our enthusiasm for Rumi, if we are going to practically employ Rumi’s teachings in real life, we should first ask Rumi the question that what is the good life?
Serving this purpose, ‘Rumi’s Moral Theory’ is designed to ask Rumi what is the good life or in other word the moral life?
By conducting this project which addresses moral theories, we will first identify the Rumi’s potential strengths and weaknesses in comparison with the comparable thinkers; then we will answer the question of whether the moral theory of Rumi could be enriched by the efforts of other moralists; and moreover, we will find out how close/far is Rumi to common international ethics compared to other thinkers.