One of the most important research projects of the Soroush Molana Institute is Rumi’s Moral Theory. The project has been initiated since 2011 at the proposal and under supervision of Mostafa Malekian’s. Accordingly, Soroush Molana Institute organizes an annual convention with the same name. The conference serves as a forum for presenting the latest achievements of researchers in the fields of ethics and Rumi studies, as well as further familiarization of those interested in the fields. The ‘Rumi’s Moral Theory’ conference was used to be held as part of “Mehr-e Molana” seminar until 2014, but the scale and importance of ‘Rumi’s Moral Theory’ project demanded to be addressed independently. Therefore, the scientific board of Soroush Molana and, consequently, the board of directors of the institute decided to convene an annual conference in every December (until the conclusion of the ‘Rumi’s Moral Theory’ project). As the groundwork for the project provided, the fourth Rumi’s Moral Theory Conference was held for the first time independent from “Mehr-e Molana” seminar, at Ivan Shams Hall for two days in December 2015. During the three editions of the conference independently held from 2015 to 2017, three major subjects in the philosophy of ethics were addressed, namely: “The necessity of living a moral life “, “moral epistemology “and “moral pluralism/monism “. For more information about the timeline, themes, key questions and steps of the “Rumi’s Moral Theory” conference, see the ongoing projects / Rumi’s Moral Theory.