Seeking to promote Rumi’s mystical doctrines and notions, the ‘Sudden Resurrection’ seminar series were organized for the nonprofessional Rumi enthusiast as one of the initial program series introduced by Soroush Molana. Following the endorsement of the ‘Sudden Resurrection’ series (with the focus on reviewing the thoughts and reflections of Rumi) by the Research Group and subsequently, the Seminars Group of Soroush Molana, the first of the series including 12 sessions, held on the theme of ‘Rumi’s life and thoughts’ from January 2010 to December 2011. The large attendance at the first series of ‘Sudden Resurrection’ encouraged Soroush Molana to continue the series. The first session of the second series was held in May 2012. The series were mainly devoted to ‘Rumi’s Human Aspect’ and addressed subjects quite useful to both general and professional audience.

The third of the series were different from the last two, sessions lessened and the most important issues could be found in Rumi’s viewpoints were addressed. Accordingly, Mostafa Malekian elucidated ‘Rumi’s Answers to Existential Problems’ during four sessions. Death, life, loneliness, and meaning of life were the subjects elaborated at the events. The fourth (the last) of ‘Sudden Resurrection’ series were held during 2015, centered on “self-awareness”.

Within a time span of five years and a total number of 32 sessions, ‘Sudden Resurrection’ accomplished its major goals. The two main goals of the program, i.e. penetration of Rumi’s teachings in the daily life and introducing new specialized topics into Rumi studies, were greatly realized. The enormous attendance of audience and the formation of study circles verifies the two main goals of the series have been achieved. Following the conclusion of ‘Sudden Resurrection’ series, Soroush Molana still continues its programs, which are all in the way to realize the road map of the Institute.