‘Prayer’ is considered to be one of the most important spiritual concepts and phenomena. This phenomenon has played a significant role in the spiritual life of Muslims, Iranians in particular. The history of Islamic-Iranian literature and mysticism is laden with texts either fully or partly dedicated to prayer. Soroush Molana’s research group, aiming for conducting a close analysis of this phenomenon in the legacy of Islamic-Iranian mysticism, devised a series of conferences and researches entitled ‘the Prayer Day’. Within the framework of the project, six conferences held and four books published by the end of 2017. Soroush Molana has cooperated with many scholars and researchers throughout the program. In the last program of the Prayer Day, for instance, we had the honor to begin the program with the message of Professor Vincent Brümmer, the author of “What Are We Doing When We Pray? The event held annually in Ramadan, a spirituality important month for Muslims, enabled us to take positive steps in this regard. Following the event, a variety of programs and researches conducted in the Iranian scientific community on the theme of prayer which backs up the above claim. In the table below, you may see the title of the lectures, the themes and the side programs of the six editions of the Prayer Day.